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As the name implies, Community Alliance ServicesĀ is an ALLIANCE of people with a common sense of COMMUNITY responsibility, sharing and caring.

Community Alliance Services addresses the needs of those who are 50 years old or more, and in need of assistance to maintain or regain control of their lives. Why 50+? Those in the 50+ age bracket are especially prone to difficulties in tough economic times.

Job lost after many years of service; difficulty finding new employment. Health problems; can't cover the costs. Sudden change in family circumstances; can't make it alone.

It can happen to anybody.

Every bit of assistance from caring people - large or small - makes a real difference in real people's lives.

+ YOU =

We ask You to join this Community Alliance and help to make Your Community stronger and better - let's all work together to make the journey a little easier for everybody!

Every drop counts!

Join us on June 15 and have FUN for a GREAT CAUSE!

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