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Carolyn MarstonPlease allow me to introduce myself and our organization. I am Carolyn Marston, president of Community Alliance Services, Inc.
Community Alliance Services is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to assisting those in need who are age 50 and older.

Our mission is to help them maintain or regain a stable place in the community.


50+ can take a big toll.

Problem: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report of March 2010 indicates that those who are 50 years or older remain out of work longer.

Solution: Education and job training can make a big difference.

Problem: After turning 50, health needs may grow. People are left with health care bills that may seriously diminish their ability to keep up with daily needs, or even cause the loss of their home.

Solution: Assistance with health care needs can get somebody past that obstacle.

Problem: As years advance, the instances of tragic physical or emotional loss tend to increase.

Solution: Assistance with medical equipment or supplies, modifications to homes, counseling. 


Many people in the 50+ age group have spent their entire working lives with one company, and built their retirement plans accordingly; unexpected loss of a long term job due to economic conditions has altered their lives drastically. They are still years away from drawing upon their earned Social Security benefits; they are not the prime candidates for employment despite experience and past loyalty to their employers. They are not the usual candidates for assistance. They are in a bind which is not of their own creation, and often have nowhere to turn in their quest to survive the drastic changes in their lives.

We all need to be aware, and to help as we can. We need to build a support system that will be in place for everybody as time goes on...remember, it can happen to anyone!