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Caring and sharing...

THAT'S what makes us a real Community!


Thank you for visiting us at Community Alliance Services. We invite you to join us in this alliance of community and participate in helping others in your area. 

Each time we work together to assist an individual others around them also feel the effect.

We ask you to assist within your means. Even a simple thing like eliminating an 'extra' occasionally and using your savings to make a small monthly donation, will be a great help to your community.  Monies are recorded by area and your money will be spent in your area, unless you specify otherwise. We will be sending a quarterly e-letter to keep you updated on how your money is being spent, so that you can actually see and appreciate the impact that YOU make!

Choose a Monthly Donation or One Time Donation -

Remember, Every Drop Counts!


Thank You for helping to make Your community stronger!